Bushfire Information For Your Safety

As we head into summer it is important to realize our beautiful valley is a bush fire prone area and to take reasonable precautions.

It is essential to stay up to date to the local conditions as the conditions get warmer and we recommend that you read the attached information and download the apps and website links in the attachments.

While 2017, saw one CATASTROPIC rating- on 12 February, and approximately five EXTREME danger rating days, the summers are getting hotter and drier, so the potential for bush fire risk is increasing.

If you are staying at VALLEYFIELD ESCAPE and there is a fire alert, please stay informed and plan what action to take should the risk increase.

There is limited mobile reception in the Wollombi valley, and the electricity may be affected by fire, so please know where to get information, such as ABC radio and fires near me apps.

If you wish to leave or the situation makes this necessary, your payment for the affected days will be refunded. Should




Fire Ratings is forecast for the start of your stay, we recommend you cancel or postpone your booking at VALLEYFIELD ESCAPE.

In such events, your deposit will be fully refunded, or can be transferred to a future booking.

There is more fire information, including local safer places in your accommodation so please stay safe .

Information Sources Spps and Web Sites

Bush Fire Alert Levels

Bushfire Safety Information